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American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower

Best Reel Mower Reviews-Best reel mower reviews presents the American Best Reel Mower Reviews Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower. This highly demanded reel mower is most suited for low growing, creeping types of grass.

American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower:

Best reel mower reviews presents the American Best Reel Mower Reviews  Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower. This highly demanded reel mower is most suited for low growing, creeping types of grass. It is easy to use regardless if you’re tall or short, the reel mower also allows users to adjust cutting height accordingly. This is possible because of the adjustable 7-section roller and adjustable 3-position wheel height. All you need to do is to adjust its 4 spider reel and you’re good to go. You can even cut grass that is as low as ½ inch and as high as 2 ¼ inches. The American reel mower comes with 7 blades that are made from durable tempered alloy steel. It also has an unbreakable steep side plate. With these, owners can guarantee that the blades stay very sharp; very precise; and last a very long time.American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower

The American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower also features 10-inch composite wheels complete with tread tires  and molded hub caps. Because of these, owners can expect increased traction and better maneuverability. Other great features of this reel mower include a 1-inch torsion welded bar frame for a strong, smooth operation; as well as painted flare-style cushion grip handles for a cool design and comfortable mowing session. It weighs in at 25.4 lbs., the American reel mower is very easy to assemble. It will only take you 10 to 15 mins. and you can start mowing your lawn.

American Reel Mower Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable 7-section roller, adjustable 3-position wheel height and adjustable 4 spider reel adjusts cutting height to as low as ½ inch or as high as 2 ¼ inches.
  • Seven durable tempered alloy steel blades and an unbreakable steep side plate guarantees longer lasting sharp blades and a longer lasting reel mower.
  • Its 10-inch composite wheels w/ tread tires & molded hub caps ensure increased traction as well as easy maneuverability.
  • The 1-inch torsion welded bar frame of the American reel mower make up for a strong, smooth operation.
  • The American reel mower has painted flare-style cushion grip handles for a cool, stunning design and a comfortable mowing session.
  • The reel mower weighs 25.4 lbs.
  • It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to assemble the American reel mower.
  • Effectively cuts low growing, creeping types of grass.

American Reel Mower Customer Reviews:

“ This lawn mower works great. ” Patricia J. True  |  41 reviewers made a similar statement

“ The Craftsman reel mower works well but does not cut low enough for bermuda grass. ” Kauaidreamin  |  12 reviewers made a similar statement
“ I can mow my lawn at 6:00 am before it gets hot without disturbing my family or my neighbors. ” Delaware Mad Dog  |  25 reviewers made a similar statement.

Examining various customer reviews for the American reel mower, oners who have bentgrass lawns are the ones who seem to be so fixated on this reel mower. Being designed specifically for low growing creeping grass types, the American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower gets the job done perfectly. You can even use it to mow other coarse or thick bladed types of grass which have either grown in mats or come in a thick thatch. The reviewers of the American reel mower are very positive. What Features do they like? its very sharp blades; 7-bladed reel; clean cuts; and its quiet as well as smooth operation. They are also thrilled over the fact that it can mow even ½ inch low grass types. Pushing and maneuvering this reel mower is also very easy.

For the downsides, there were a few  who mentioned concerns like they encountered difficulties in cutting St. Augustine and Bermuda types of grasses. The thing  is that these are the types of grasses American Lawn Mowers advertised that this reel mower model can cut.  The American reel mower is not for lawns that have weeds or high grasses; its use is specific to low growing and creeping grass types only. Another concern is that its handles didn’t seem to stand up to the necessary efforts done to push or maneuver the machine.  There were a few users who complained that when they pushed the mower, the handles flexed and folded and then, it eventually broke.Those concerns were voiced a number of years ago. Today, since there aren’t any posted issues about its handles, it’s possible that American Lawn Mowers have either fixed the problem already or the issue back then was only due to a factory defect which was resolved when they replaced the mowers.

Great For Your Small Yard.

Nearly every homeowner in my immediate area (where the lawns average less than 1/4 acre) possesses a giant, smelly, noisy gas powered mower. Surely a better way existed, but what to do? A reel mower, one state-of-the-art, simple to operate and quiet fills the bill. This product is easy to assemble (lawn cutting out of the box within 20 minutes), easy to use (I let my seven-year-old son push it around with supervision for a few minutes) and very effective on our small yard. Furthermore, the slippery handle grips mentioned above were neither easy to put on (unless lubricated with a bit of soapy water) or easily removed. If you have a small, relatively flat yard – you can’t go wrong. The unit is quite maneuverable and generates about as much noise as roller-blade skates.
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No more gas!
I bought the Great States model 1415-16 mower from Amazon two years ago. The same company makes the Great States, American, and Scotts brands… You can’t buy directly from Great States/American and Amazon has the best selection. From what I’ve read and experienced, buy the lightest mower with at least five blades. I’ll tell you this. These aren’t your father’s reel mowers. Today’s reel mowers are state-of-the-art. Once you buy one of these, you’ll never go back to gas. The one I have can compete with any of the “best” gas-driven mowers on my street. It’s easy to push, more gentle on the grass, and doesn’t pollute. Best of all? No starting. No gas. No maintenance. I haven’t had to sharpen the blades yet. This is one item I can recommend without reservation.
Slippery Handles
An old BMX biking trick for putting handles on easily and making them stick is to spray them down with hair spray before slipping them on. They go on real easy when wet and are stuck tight when dry.
 The American reel mower is one great reel mower. It’s been around for years and people still favor it over other brands on the market. A majority of owners seem to be very happy about their purchase too – quality and results wise. With the very high customer reviews and the low price, American Lawn Mower 1705-16 16-Inch Bent Reel Mower is a good buy.
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