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Best Reel Mower Reviews Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

A large diameter cutting reel and heavy blades store energy like a flywheel, so the Momentum push reel mower provides twice the amount of power to cut through tough stuff like small twigs, weeds or dense grass that can sometimes clog other reel mowers.

Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower:

You name it, Fiskars is known for making great scissors, shears, prunes, gardening tools. Therefore, it only makes sense that eventually they would unveil a push reel mower. Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower is just that.

Fiskars Reel Mower

Fiskars have packed  this mower with some great features because they know a thing or two about cutting. Check it out.

* InertiaDrive Mower Technology:

A large diameter cutting reel and heavy blades store energy like a flywheel, so the Momentum push reel mower provides twice the amount of power to cut through tough stuff like small twigs, weeds or dense grass that can sometimes clog other reel mowers. The Fiskars Momentum reel mower also requires 30 percent less pushing force than standard reel mowers when cutting long grass.

*Fiskars Reel Mower Ergonomics:

Want a reel mower that is easier and more enjoyable to use? The Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower has several features that makes this happen. One of these features is an ergonomic height adjustable handle with padded grip (this makes it easy on the hands while pushing the mower). To change the cutting height of the mower, the Momentum showcases a quick and easy one-touch cut height adjustment system. A grass discharge chute directs grass clippings forward, away from the user’s feet.

*StaySharp Blades and Cutting System:

Precision engineering by Fiskars allows grass to be cut without the blades touching the cutter bar, which significantly reduces friction and wear on the blade. By eliminating the steel-on-steel contact that dulls some brands of standard push reel lawnmowers, the blades can be maintained by sharpening them every few years instead of every year.

*Fiskars VersaCut Reel Mower Design:

The Momentum has the greatest cutting height range of any reel mower with the settings starting at a minimum of 1 inch ranging up to 4 inches cutting height. This push reel mower also edges three times closer than other reel mower models and does not leave uncut grass strips under the wheels.  

Inertia drive
InteriaDrive Reel offers two times more cutting power. Double click on image to enlarge.


Inset wheel design provides closest side edging. Double click on image to enlarge.

Forward discharge

Mess-free forward grass discharge keeps your shoes clean. Double click on image to enlarge.
Cut heights

Best-in-class cut height ranges offers mowing versatility. Double click on image to enlarge.

The advanced design of our reel mower makes it 60% easier to push and offers an eco-friendly, easy way to mow your lawn. Double click on image to enlarge.

Advanced design makes our reel mower easier to push than others. Double click on image to enlarge.

6201 blade


Customer Reviews:

The mower is easy to push and cuts very well.
I. Tysoe  |  125 reviewers made a similar statement.
“It’s so quiet and much easier to push than my old mower”
2. Pamela Cates  |  97 reviewers made a similar statement.
“And because of how quiet it is, you can mow when it’s cool”.
3. Shannon Matteson  |  107 reviewers made a similar statement.
The reviews for the Fiskars reel mower,show that a majority of users are finding it very useful and convenient. Most of the comments of users are very positive. They seem to like the fact that it is quiet; it doesn’t give off any fumes; it has the ability to cut higher as compared to most reel mowers on the market; it has an adjustable height; and it is lighter to push than gas mowers. Though there were also users who expressed minor concerns like it can be quite difficult to cut wet grass or overgrown grass using this reel mower, a majority of users still feel that at this price the Fiskars reel mower is a very good deal.

An Exellent Choice:

By Shannon Matteson

If you’re paying attention and have the right wrench, it shouldn’t take more than about 5 or 10 minutes to assemble.  Adjusting the blades takes another five minutes. Then you can start playing with it.  I say playing because this isn’t work.  It’s too much fun to be work.  Strange, but true.
I learned quickly that the ease with which it is pushed through and cuts grass depends proportionately on how much of that grass’s height you cut at one time.  Reviews and research say that you should never cut more than 1/3rd the grass’s height at a time.  They tell you it’s for the health of the grass.  It is also for the health of the person pushing the mower.  Get the mower set too low, and it’s not very easy (or fun) to push.  Get it set too high, and it’s super easy, but nothing happens.  Get it set just right, and there’s light resistance, and it’s going to town.
A good idea is to set it to cut off between 1/2″ and 1/3rd of the total grass height for the first pass, whichever is more.  Then keep lowering the cutting height 1/2″ to 1″ at a time and keep making passes until you get a lot of resistance pushing it when you lower it any further.  Then, wait a couple days, and go out again and mow at the height you had trouble with previously.  Keep doing this until your grass is where you want it.  From there, it’s a breeze to keep up with.Would I buy it again?  Absolutely.  10/10

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I enjoy cutting the grass again

By T. Jones

I’ve been using this mower for a few months and so far I’ve been loving it.  No noise and no more fumes.  Its nice to be able to cut the grass while talking on the phone or listening to music.  I can cut the grass early in the morning before it gets hot without disturbing the neighbors.  The mower adjusts from 1″ to 4″ so I can cut my fescue at 3-3.5″ which is higher that my old gas mower could cut.  This mower weighs around 35lbs or so, which makes it much heavier than other reel mowers on the market.  However the flywheel and the extra heft allows you to easily push it through thick grass.  It doesn’t produce that perfect cut like a gas mower, so you will have a few stray blades that didn’t get clipped, but it cuts the blades so cleanly that its almost like someone cut the grass with a pair of scissors 🙂  I’m amazed at how well it cuts without stressing the grass.  My old gas mower is for sale on craigslist and I don’t think I’ll ever own another gas mower.  My yard is roughly 1/4 acre with a fairly steep hill in the back yard and it only takes about 10 mins longer to cut using this mower than my old gas mower.  The only downside is that this mower doesn’t handle overgrown grass very well.  You will have to set it to its highest setting, and make multiple passes, so be sure to cut regularly.

Best mower I have used

By Andrew Simon

 I have had several reel mowers (scott’s, etc.) and found the Fiskar momentum to be the best by far.  I have used it for two seasons and it continues to roll easily and cuts evenly with little effort.  It is heavier than other reel mowers and slightly less maneuverable due to the 4-wheel design.  It is perfect for my small, flat yard and my grass is very healthy.  Highly recommended.

Overall the Fiskars reel mower is a quiet, efficient and very powerful reel mower. It can deliver clean cut grass and it can last a long time. What nearly all users agree on with this reel mower is its fast, very light and safe to use; it stays very sharp; and it does a really good job even in one pass. The Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower may prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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